Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Today's Theme: Animals

It's time to look at animals. We don't live on a farm but nevertheless we get the occasional sighting of creatures, both wild and domesticated. For example, in the field across the road we've been watching this hawk, a Northern Harrier, swooping around. As it turns out he's protecting his nest which is on the ground. I haven't seen the nest but I have seen the mom-bird, who is bigger and browner and more difficult to photograph.

I know, it's blurry, but the best I could do with my little camera.

Today I went out looking for the hawks and saw this fellow instead. There were three of them, enjoying the morning sun.

And as I was watching the deer along came Polly!

Pearl and Polly, in fact. The breed is 'Canadian' and their owner was taking them for a walk before putting them to work on his farm at the end of our road.

Further along the road we often see these Belgians grazing. They have a new addition this year. He's most handsome.

And in the opposite field are the beeves. Funny how they all turn to look at you in quiet contemplation.

This poor guy was presented to me the other morning by a very proud Bridget. Our cats don't go outside but mice do get in and often regret it.

After breakfast, (not the mouse), she likes to do a washing number on Sam.

Sam is a very clean cat.
And that's all for today, folks!


Ronna said...

Great post. Love all the critters, but esp. your kitties!!

Knatolee said...

Beautiful shots, Fran. Well, maybe the mouse isn't beautiful! ;) Love the hawk and horse and cows and cats and deer and...

frannie said...

Ronna, of course you love the kitties!

Knat, you have way more critters at your house, but thanks for the comment.