Monday, 31 October 2011

Photo Op With Fish (and cats)

The glorious days of sitting by the pond are long gone. It's so sad.

One last lonely lily basks in the fading light of autumn. Sigh.

But wait! From our mailbox (distant center top ) came this trio of adorable floating fish, "Your winter fish", explained my sister, who had sent them. She's such a good kid!

Bridget and Sam enjoyed batting them around. They made a charming clang when they hit the side of the bowl. And then I thought about all the other fish we have around the house and decided to feature them as well. As follows:

 Wooden fish

Ceramic fish

Brass fish

      Glass fish

But we like these new ones best! Heh, heh!


Ronna said...

Love all dem fishies. Esp. love the last pic of kitty cat with her meowing little mouth. Fun post.

frannie said...

I caught her at the end of a yawn but she looks like she's laughing.

Evlyn said...

Those floating fish look like so much fun. I like the fact that they amuse Bridget and Sam, and then they amuse you when you watch them being amused. Great to see all the pics with cats and fish. Cool post!

frannie said...

Thanks for visiting, Evlyn. I do visit you a lot but sometimes my comments take a wrong turn and just lead me back to my own blog.

Knatolee said...

I love all these fishy pics, and the autumn light. But my fav is that last photo!