Saturday, 21 January 2012


This past week has been mighty cold, mornings of -32C with a daytime high of -20C. Then when it warms up we get freezing rain. Therefore I avoid going outside as much as possible, like most sensible people who don't have to go to work do. I did enough of that white-knuckle driving during my 'going-to-work' years and I must say studded tires have a lot to recommend them.

So I've been content to stay inside and look out the windows. The spider web above said it all.

Here it is at night, caught in the flash. I hope Ms. Spider has found a warm nest.

Another kitchen window shows off my glass treasures against a backdrop of pale pink and blue. We sometimes see foxes at this time of year in the far field.

Actually here I was trying to shoot the full moon but a cloud covered it before I got the camera.

From the dining room we can see the tree of doves. They come here around noon to sunbathe, then later they invade the bird feeder. They're not very bright but they are pretty.

The small birds start to arrive during a snow squall.

Juncos and finches enjoy some niger seed.

Out by the pond...a winter sculpture. That cigar-shaped object is a pine cone caught in the fishing line attached to the glass ball. Behind the ball is a feather from a turkey vulture.

Meanwhile, back in the warmth, Sam and Bridget enjoy a good wash.


Ronna said...

Great photos Fran. Yup, she's a cold one. Esp. love the sweet calicos!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Love the frosty spider web. It is cold here but we were spoiled before. Now it is raining! Since it is about 7PM I fear we may wake up to ice.

That is a cute little S curve cat bed your cat is in. They are so big now and beautiful.

frannie said...

Ronna, you're always welcome to drop in and visit with them...and us.

Barbara, Bridget has taken over that piece of cat furniture. When they were little they both could fit in there.

Evlyn said...

Amazing photos of the spider webs. I agree that the best place to take pictures on a cold day is from the inside, through the window. Stay warm!

Sharen said...

What a wonderful photograph of the frosted spider's web! Poor Mrs. Spider, as you say... hope she found a place to hide from the cold!
I really enjoyed browsing through your artwork, Fran. Your watercolour of the irises is just one to mention - there are so many to appreciate. You have a gift for sure, and isn't it lovely to have time to enjoy it? These are our halcyon days!

frannie said...

Thanks for visiting, Sharen. yes, we are continuing our creative years. Halcyon eh?