Saturday, 18 June 2011

Jesus, the Cat, and Other Moggies

It's been a long time since my last post...almost a month...and I have no new art to show although I've been busy with art-related events such as our annual Art Fayre in Dunvegan. The exhibition looked wonderful and was well attended. There were a lot of sales. None of them mine this time. I must admit to feeling more than a bit disappointed about that. There is nothing like the affirmation of one's efforts via a nice cheque. As well as an ego boost it also helps to pay for the framing and the percentage to the gallery.
On to other things.

This is Jesus. Officially he belongs to our neighbours who no doubt call him by another name but he is known as Jesus to us and several other neighbours because he's always turning up at the door, inspiring the remark,"Jesus! The cat!" And because we are all crazy enough to feed him, he keeps coming around, on the scrounge.

Bridget and Sam, our cossetted little princesses, enjoy visiting Jesus through the screen door.

They watch him eat the few cookies we allow him and don't seem to mind sharing. Here he is after a nosh, having a good wash.

This is Felix. He belongs to our friend, Monique and is very handsome and friendly. Felix came here for a 'playdate' recently. We wanted to find out whether he would get along with Sam and Bridget in case Monique needs to travel and avoid leaving him alone or at a cattery.

He arrived in his carrier and chose to remain there for awhile until the hissing from our two died down. Then he gradually and cautiously emerged.

A little catnip helped him to relax.

Bridget thought he was making a fool of himself but she remained tolerant of her new guest.

While Sam watched it all from a safe distance on George's lap.

In all, the visit went quite well. An hour later all three animals were racing around the basement and the hissing had almost stopped. We'll have to do it again, soon.


Evlyn said...

That's a great story about why you call the cat Jesus. And Felix is a very handsome cat, but he can't compare to Bridget and Sam for feline perfection!

frannie said...

So true, Evlyn. Not that I'm biased.