Sunday, 14 August 2011


O.K. all you cats, it's your turn! You proud leonine creatures, you are beautiful...and you know it. Other creatures usually give way to you, let you take your place on your throne and listen to you roar. You love being the center of attention and yet you give the impression that you can take it or leave it. ( I must give credit here to the painter of this son, Andrew, at age 11)

Not all cats want to be front and center though. Our Mongo, above, was very shy and meowed so quietly we called him The Whispering Cat. My painting studio was named after him.

We adopted a kitten, Our Tom, who quickly realized that Mongo was a pushover and would allow him to cuddle up next to him.

Our other cat, Danby, was not so eager to play second fiddle to any young whippersnapper but finally Mongo convinced him to stop hogging the spotlight and let the cute little guy in. So you see, even though Leos like to strut and roar and get their way, they also have a diplomatic side and will make concessions when it's to everyones' advantage.


Lynne said...

Awww....I love to see the kitties. Nice, Fran. xxx

Evlyn said...

Your painting of Mongo is amazing. You captured so much personality in it. I always love to see paintings of cats by people who really love and understand them. You also obviously understand the connection between cats and water (both are so fluid).

Knatolee said...

I love these, Fran!

MFCarter said...

Can I be a me too? I love your Leos.

MFCarter said...

Can I be a me too? I love your Leos.