Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Oh-oh! We're almost out of Virgo and I haven't honoured you Virginians yet. Sorry for the lateness, a most un-virgo trait but understandable since I am a Pisces. You Virgos are earthy types, nocturnal and soft-spoken. I think the above painting describes these qualities, especially the soft-spoken part. She has no mouth and she appears to be emerging from the earth...at night.

Virgo has magnetic powers and is able to heal through touch like this creature seems to be doing while the rest of the vestal virgins sway under her power.

Conservative and perfectionist by nature, you Virgos are the perfect friend to have in a crisis. Bless you all.


Evlyn said...

I don't know any Virgos - your description makes them sound worthwhile to know. I have only one question. What about male Virgos? It doesn't seem like a good astrological sign for a man.

Knatolee said...

My Dad was a Virgo! Love this post.

frannie said...

Evlyn, the latin for man is 'vir', so some virgos are 'virile'. But your remark makes sense.

frannie said...

Knat, here's to your Dad. I know he was special to you.