Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Aquarius is an air sign. I know this sounds wrong but it is so. Apparently those of you born under this sign have a very active mind and your thoughts just flow--like water--and escape as fantastic ideas into the air.

Naturally, you have your dark side and your light side. Who doesn't?

Your dark side comes across as your unpredictability. We may think you are showing us water, something liquid and flowing, but no, it is ice now, immobile and reflective. We must look closely beneath the surface.

Your light side shows originality and inventiveness. This fish print embodies these traits as interpreted by my son, Andrew, who is also an Aquarian. (He also loves water and fishing but he might have Piscean tendencies in his ascendants.)

Here we are looking at water and earth ...from the air. Three elements of the zodiac are represented here. The fourth, fire, could be under the earth or water in this shot as it is over a volcanic zone along the Pacific Coast. In fact I took this picture from a Pacific Coastal Airlines plane as we were descending, very quickly, and my eardrums were exploding, most painfully as we prepared to land in Vancouver. 

And so ends my year of zodiac interpretation through art and other images. I hope you enjoyed the trip...but don't take it too seriously!


Knatolee said...

Yay, it's MY sign! I love the paintings!

frannie said...

You definitely fit in the originality category!

Evlyn said...

It has been a wonderful year of Zodiac signs. Thanks! Love the painting of the light and dark on the posts.