Friday, 8 April 2011

Out of the Trunk

I'm trying this experiment and if it works you'll see my new blog post which has been a long time coming. I'm working from my husband's computer because my computer won't let me upload images and what's a blog without images?

Here's the first image ( I hope.)

So far so good.

The old trunk above (and behind Samantha) is full of odd bits of fabric and attempts to create art from them. They are wall hangings and they usually hang around for a while,then they end up in the trunk. So I'm taking them out today for an airing.
It's hanging crooked but illustrates my brief foray into faux-tapestry. Painted in acrylics on burlap it features mixed mythological figures prancing about beneath a William Morris inspired arbour. I gave it to my parents years ago thinking they would recognize themselves in it.

In which I was trying to depict the impression of thousands of winged ants soaring into the evening sky one day in August, their glittering wings sparkling in the sun before many were devoured by skuas high above. Their little wings are coated with 'diamond dust' which is difficult to see here.

When my parents' 60th wedding anniversary came diamonds were in order. I asked family and friends to contribute a diamond-shaped  memories which I then sewed to a backing to make a 'quilt' hanging. These three pieces were done by my sister and celebrate early family road trips we enjoyed as kids. 

Here I am sitting by the completed oeuvre hanging on our fence on Vancouver Island where George & I lived during the nineties. It hung for a time in their dining room and now enjoys its retirement in the trunk. As will all the above creations because I still don't have the heart to get rid of them. Some day I will.


Evlyn said...

Wonderful Fran. I got to see your new post. And I love the Flight of the Ants painting. Beautiful!

frannie said...

Thanks Evlyn, now I can see your posts too.

Knatolee said...

These are all great!! I wouldn't ever want to get rid of them.

frannie said...

Thanks Gnat, I can now see your images again and will be visiting your blog.