Thursday, 28 April 2011


We are well into the second sign of the zodiac and I want to dedicate this small post to my niece, Joanna, whose birthday is coming soon.

The above painting, done with oil glazes, is called WOMEN'S WORK and to me it represents the ability to undertake many tasks and to see them through. This quality is strong in people born under the sign of the bull. (I would prefer the bison as an icon but nobody asked me.)

This oil-glaze painting was done many years ago just after a disastrous year during which my husband underwent several abdominal surgeries and I was in a car accident and was sidelined by a shoulder separation. I hadn't set out to portray these events but obviously they came through anyway.

It's called A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE and I chose it for Taurus because it expresses the bull/bison's resolve to overcome difficulties. It's not a particularly pretty picture but a very strong one, I think. 

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Evlyn said...

Very subtle work. The contrast with your paintings for Aries is so interesting, because the colour in these Taurus paintings is muted and expressive of strength rather than fire and light.(I like the idea of a bison, too!)